480kr per hour

dreadlocks are both a piece of Hair Art and an always evolving project.

 it is a process that begins before you actually get them and that

will continue with caring and mantaining them Correctly 

for the years to come.

Dreadlocks Free consultation:

 Let’s plan your dreadlocks journey together! 

15 min 0kr


Dreadlocks making :

from your own hair at shoulder lenght 8-10 hours 3840kr

dreadhawk and partial dreads 4 hours 1920kr


dreadlocks making with extensions:

short hair to shoulder length 8-10 hours 3840kr

shoulder length to mid back length 10-12 hours 4800kr


dreadlocks mantainance: 

roots 4 hours 1920kr 

roots and length  6-7 hours 2880kr

partial 2-3 hours 960kr

Brows and lashes

 brow shaping, lamination and color: 50min 625kr 

lash lift, lamination and color: 50 min 625kr

lash and brow lamination and color: 75min 780k

semi permanent 3D Eyebrows: 120 min 1200kr

Massage Therapy


780kr 75 min 

Pregnancy Massage (Gravid Massage)

With help of a specially designed pillow, you can lay on your

belly for a well deserved massage treatment. Pregnant women who get

regular massage, have higher tolerance to stress hormone, sleep better,

have less pain and anxiety during  Pregnancy.  massage, increases self

inmunity. You will feel healthy and strong. Pregnancy massage

has a calming effect on you and your baby, skin becomes more elastic so

you will get less or none stretchmarks. Pregnancy massage is soothing 

decreases back aches as well as swolen legs and arms

this treatment is for you who has over 13 weeks.

classic swedish massage (svensk klassisk massage)

Classic swedish massage is well know all over the world.

it was the swedish gymnastics pedagogue Pehr Henrik Ling, who developed

this technique as a system to massage and stretch. With his massage

technique, Ling wanted to imitate the movements of gymnastic and

other forms of training. with the techniques he developed, muscles

and fibers are pressed and stretched in a way that the blod circulation in 

the muscles increases, muscles become stronger and in better shape.

The clasic massage is deep and healing. Muscles are worked though

rubs and stretches. these reduce tension and pain in muscles and

joints and even inflamations caused by bad lymphatic circulation.

This massage is also relaxing and calming for the mind since

through touch, feel good homes are released.

The clasic massage is often combined with therapeuticl stretches

and trigger point treatment. This treatment is used in the

prevention and rehabilitation of specific muscles and joints injuries.

hot stones massage (massage med varma stenar)

Deep tissue massage with hot stones. It reduces stress, helps you to detox

from toxins and it gives you new energy and power!

it is said that the efect increases up to 6 times thanks to the heat..

The Massage movements are preformed with hot lava stones, following the

different directions of the meridians. Hot stones are even placed in some

of the accu-points. The stones used, are volcanic salt stones, soft and rich

in minerals, which are warmed in hot water.

This massage increases blod and lymphatic circulation as well as cellular

regeneration. It is deeply relaxing. If you are pregnant or heat sensitive,

you should avoid this treatment.

healing and Divination

480 kr 50min

choose 1, 2, 3 or all of the following forms of healing and  craft a unique healing experience according to your needs.

Reiki healing: is a systematic hand imposition which activates your natural abylity to heal. it promotes relaxation and meditation by balancing your chakras, meridians and energy flow 

Energy Reading: intuitive reading of your aura

Sound Healing: with the help of harmonizers and drums tuned into different healing frecuencies (like 528hz) it promotes relaxation and meditation by balancing your chakras, meridians and energy flow.

angelic Tarot Reading: wisdom and insight from higher realms. light beings advise how to heal and solve your issues.


All my treatments can be adapted to your needs!