Hello Uppsala! Hello Sweden! Hello World!

My name is DANIELA FERNANDA CAMPANELA and i am a Healing Artist, skin-spa-massage Therapist, Teacher and Dreadlocks-Lashes-Brows stylist.

while writing my spa management thesis for *Raison D’Etre, i had a revelation!For many years i have been developing other peoples ideas and working hard to make a name in my profession. Many times at the cost of my own wellbeing. But I have to do the things i love and love the life i live. If my dream job doesn’t exist, i have to create it!

In 2011 i landed in Sweden with a useless college degree and a long resume in Gym, Sports and Spa. This forced me to level up and study to reach the swedish standard. Since my arrival to sweden i have become:

 Medical Massage Therapist Via Hälsoteket and now i am a certified masseuse of the *Svensk Massage Branchråd and a member of *Kroppsterapeuternas Yrkesförbundet

Diplomated Spa Therapist through *KFI and *Elemis (from where i got my pregnancy treatments education) 

Energy Teacher of *Svensk Energiskola 

eyebrow Tattoo Master by *Nordic Brows and Eyelash Stylist by *Vaidas Lash Academy( Both *SEYF accredited)

Afiliated professional Dreadlocks Stylist  *Seienstyle 

I am currently working on becoming a Licenced Skin Therapist beauty specialist level 2 (Legitimerad Hudterapeut) from the International Therapy Council (*ITEC) and Organic Skin Therapist at the *Scandinavian Spa Academy.

Because i only work with ethical brands that are good for our selves, our families and our planet, I will be working and selling, Organic hair-face-body products by MARIA ÅKERBERG .

i was born to be creative, so I decided to collect all the things i love and blended my own concept of health and beauty with a dash of spiritual vibes.

I hope you enjoy my services as much as i do providing them to you!

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